Binalonan is located in the eastern part of the province of Pangasinan. The municipality is bordered on the north by the municipalities of Pozorrubio and Sison, on the south by Urdaneta, on the east by San Manuel and Asingan and on the west by Laoac.

It is approximately 59 kilometres (37 mi) away from Lingayen and 193 kilometres (120 mi) from Manila.

 Land classification

The municipality's total land area, estimated at 8,400 hectares (84 km2), is classified as alienable and disposable land.

Soil type

There are 5 types of soil which can be found in Binalonan: the San Manuel fine sandy loam, San Manuel loam, San Manuel sandy loam, San Manuel clay, and Umingan sandy loam.


Binalonan has 2 major rivers: the Aloragat River and Tagamusing River. It also has minor rivers, including the San Pablo Creek, Tuboy River, Palma Creek, the Camambogan Creek and Balisa Creek.