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Welcome to Binalonan!

The town of Binalonan boasts its majestic century-old Acacia Trees that serve as living witnesses of the town’s glorious past. They are a natural heritage that bridges the past, the present and the future.

SGLG Award 2018

DILG confers to Binalonan its fourth Seal of Good Local Governance (SGLG) Award, proving that it has achieved the highest standards of transparency, efficiency and accountability for local government units.

Binalonan ang Galing!

Binalonan is known as one of the premier producers of sugar cane, corn, rice, feeds, cornik and basi as well as ornamental plants and earthen pots.

Keeping it Local

Public markets take various forms, and each is a unique reflection of the place where they are located. The Binalonan Public Market strives to rebuild the local economy and keep the community connections flourishing.

Iconic Crossroads

Binalonan boasts it’s ever iconic Crossroad that serves as Luzon’s Gateway to the North and South. The 8,400-hectare municipality is bordered on the north by the municipalities of Pozorrubio and Sison, on the south by Urdaneta, on the east by San Manuel and Asingan and on the west by Laoac.

Explore Binalonan!

The Municipality of Binalonan has its festivities and events celebrated by the community which centers on the town’s religion, culture, heritage and tradition.

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Garbage Collection

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Local Government Services

Find the services offered by the LGU. Know the requirements and processes needed for your convenience.

Office of the Municipal Mayor

Releasing business permits, rental of vehicles and equipment, receiving reviews and complaints from the locals.


Assessment of real properties including land, buildings, and machineries whether taxabale or exempt.

Engineering & Infrastructure

Issuing building permit, fencing permit, occupancy permit, sign permit, demolition permit and implementing infrastructure projects.

Office of the Vice Mayor

Local ordinances and resolutions for the town.

Budget Management

Preparing forms, order, and circulars embodying instructions on budgetary and appropriation matters of the municipality


Garbage collection and disposal, conservation, water restrictions, and energy efficiency.

Sangguniang Bayan

Policies and resolution for the development of the town.


Business permits, occupational licenses, and electrical permits for interested investors.


Municipal health units, disability services, birthing home, free vaccines, and counselling.

Planning, & Development

Planning and building information including development permits and locational clearances.

Social Services

Intake Form for Day Care Services, Senior Citizen Application form, Solo Parents form, assistance to women and children form, and Self-employment assistance form

Civil Registry

Birth certificates, marriage certificates, death certificates, registration and legitimation of child, and correction of clerical errors of names.


Internal audit services, financial transactions, budgetary allotment, and records of the municipal government.

Public Order

A Quick Response Team (QRT) for local civil protection.


Parking regulations, traffic controls, and visitor’s information.


Dispersal of livestock permits, land conversion certification forms, soil analysis support forms, seed production forms, and treatment of animals’ diseases forms.


Preschool, primary & secondary school, universities, further education and extra-curricular activities.


Fire safety inspection form,Police clearance form, Community tax certificate forms, Real property tax payment forms, and Rental of Ramon Guico Sr. Gymnasium forms.


The Tourism office works to develop and enhance visitors’ experience by promoting local products and talents.

Press & Publication

This office is responsible for regulating and distributing news and current affairs of the municipality.

Your Elected Officials

Get to know more the leaders of Binalonan who serve for and with the people. Learn about their mission, vision, and initiatives for the development of the town.

Melicio F. Patague II

Municipal Vice Mayor

Josephine D. Caburnay, M.D.

Municipal Councilor

Carl Joseph A. Patawaran

Municipal Councilor

Noel Aplinario O. Bautista, M.D.

Municipal Councilor

Rafael A. Legaspi Jr.

Municipal Councilor

Ryan G. Gotoc

Municipal Councilor

Marie Anne R. Baybayan

Municipal Councilor

Jerry J. Aradanas

Municipal Councilor

Lorenzo R. Tambo

Municipal Councilor

Melicio F. Patague II

Municipal Vice Mayor

Josephine D. Caburnay, M.D.

Municipal Councilor

Carl Joseph A. Patawaran

Municipal Councilor

Noel Aplinario O. Bautista, M.D.

Municipal Councilor

Rafael A. Legaspi Jr.

Municipal Councilor

Ryan G. Gotoc

Municipal Councilor

Marie Anne R. Baybayan

Municipal Councilor

Jerry J. Aradanas

Municipal Councilor

Lorenzo R. Tambo

Municipal Councilor

Explore Binalonan

To keep its first-class municipality status, Binalonan maintains its clean play grounds and great restaurants that surround the town’s vicinity. These areas and food stops are surely family-oriented and perfect for barkada bonding moments.

Find Local Events

Concerts, musical and theater plays, street dancing performances, skydiving adventures, and sports competitions…
Experience All Of These In Binalonan!

Visit and Relax

Binalonan, the Hidden Jewel of the Crossroads.

“All that is gold does not glitter… Sometimes you just have to look closer to see their real magnificence”….

Work and Invest

Binalongganisa: A Special Treat You Should Taste in Binalonan

In the Philippines, longganisa (Filipino version of the Spanish sausage called longaniza) is staple in every family meals.

Learn and Grow

#ParaSaBayan Dream Coming True

In the hidden roads of Binalonan, people can find many competitive schools, each giving quality education to the elementary, high school, and college students.

What to Eat

No matter what type of food you crave for, and kind of atmosphere you want while dining, Binalonan has them all – from fine-dine restaurants to cafes to your-everyday-karinderyas, this town has it all.

Where to Stay

When visiting a place, one will always think of the place where he will stay for the night or two – because, well, one needs more than a day to fully experience the place of destination and immerse himself with the locals and the culture of the place.

What to Do

Binalonan, ang exciting! Do you want something that excites your entire being? Or something that wakes the inner artist in you? In Binalonan, you can experience both!

News & Updates

Read through latest articles about the Municipality of Binalonan, Pangasinan.

Programs & Initiatives

Driven by the vision to be a “University Town”, Binalonan gives priority to good governance, character formation, knowledge creation, and habitability. Take a look on all the events that reflect Binalonan’s visions.


Students of Binalonan are always encouraged to delve in excellent academic performances while improving their talents in performing and visual arts.

Jobs and Livelihood

The town focuses on giving livelihood to its people by helping them maximize all the town’s agricultural resources in a sustainable way.

Environment & Cleanliness

Binalonan got its first-class municipality status from the great work of its LGU and from giving priority to the cleanliness and habitability of its public areas.


With its preserved natural areas shed by its famous acacia trees, Binalonan offers Eco-tourism along with educational, cultural, and social events for people’s recreation.

Heritage and Culture

The town of Binaloan serves as the crossroad of different cultures. Such as Pangasinan and Cordillera thus bearing witness to the growth and development of…

Public Order and Safety

In Binalonan the said unit is tasked to patrol day and night to look after its constituents because, above all, the priority of the town of Binalonan is its people, the Binalonians.

Binalonan: A Fine Town

Is it Fine to be Fined? This is not an issue to the law-abiding citizens of Binalonan but for the non-compliant and obdurate, this can be a big problem. But that’s fine…

Register to Vote

It is encourage that every Binalonians exercise their right to vote and be represented. Register and vote the leaders that you believe are worthy of the positions.

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